Making Meals Easy, Affordable, and Nutritious

In today’s world, there is a definite sharp surge of out-of-home food consumption (aka eating out), which carries many implications. Whether it’s fast food establishments, vending machines, sit-down restaurants/pubs, workplace cafes, convenience stores, and pop-up vendors on the streets, and even phone apps offering to pick up and deliver your food; we are constantly exposed to, surrounded by and bombarded with (unhealthy) food choices.

You may be asking why we are voluntarily choosing to eat out versus preparing meals at home? There are many factors at play here, and isn’t limited to just the number of food establishments and options we have available at our fingertips. Our population seems relatively time-constrained (“time is money” mentality) as our stress and hectic lifestyles interfere with our ability to eat healthy and properly. Therefore, the convenience of food choice saves us time in our hustle and bustle state of mind. Other reasons we seek already-prepared meals more often may have to do with our lack of kitchen talent and inability to improve the taste of our own home-cooked meals. Let’s be real, taste trumps everything and, more often than not, usually tastes better when we eat out. Maybe we’re exhausted, stressed out from the workday, starving or just too lazy; shopping or cooking is that last thing we want to do! This list could go on and on…

With our increases access to numerous possibilities, we have to understand how to appropriately select/filter our food choices, ensuring both our satisfaction and nutrition criteria are met. Now without diving into the nutritive details of eating out, we all can appreciate that nutrition (generally speaking) isn’t the primary concerns of these establishments. We see an increase in processed food intake, serving size and therefore increased calories, higher fat, sugar and sodium intake, a lower micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) intake when eating out-of-home. Or in other words, an increase in “empty calories” is observed, sacrificing nutrition overall.

We see now that many people are becoming more health-conscious, becoming more mindful and aware of what we’re feeding our bodies, as the rates of chronic disease are higher than ever. Therefore, people need a reliable food establishment for those moments when home-cooked meal preparation isn’t an option. Where people don’t have to sacrifice taste or nutrition, but have both! Look no further than Delicious Direct, making meals easy and offering a wide selection of affordable, nutritious and ready-to-eat full course meals catered to all walks of life using fresh seasonal and, when available, local ingredients.

One other critical component of making healthier food choices is to understand what to look for. Nutritional education is the key to a healthy success. My name is Robbie Bellai, a Guelph-based Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I help individuals reach their nutrition and health goal(s), get back in touch with their body and improve their relationship with food. Feel free to get in touch with me for a FREE 15 minute meet & greet to find out how I can help you achieve and optimize your health today!

- Robbie Bellai, BSc. RHN
Absolute Health Science